The initiates of the Christian esotericism, after the brutal disappearance of the Order of the Temple, seems to have saved themselves and reorganized, in accordance with the Islamic esotericism, but in a very secretive, invisible manner, having no visible institutions as support. The Superiores Incogniti who inspired this reorganization were, it seems, the Rose-Cross, the genuine Rose-Cross, so different from the later Rosicrucian. The “legend” of Christian Rosenkreutz apparently illustrates this reorganization. The name Rose-Cross designates an initiatory degree, a spiritual state, and was not an association, an organization, or an identifiable group. The symbol of Rose-Cross (the rose in the center of the cross) expresses the perfection of the human state, describing the reintegration of the being in the center of this state, and the full expansion of the human possibilities starting from this center. The Rosicrucians, on the other hand, were selected individuals, operating within the frames of visible organizations, yet no one had acquired the spiritual degree of a Rose-Cross.

Ever bearing in mind these above sayings of René Guénon, Rose-Cross Books has as its core the dedication for the One-and-only Tradition and the sacred symbolism.

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